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Image by George Pagan III
Image by George Pagan III

All About Us

We have been in love with nopal cactus for over 15 years. We started planting different species of nopal -there are over 150- in our dry, sunlit orchard in northern Mexico. After just a couple of months, the young, crispy, bright green pads started to flourish. After studying each of these different plants, we were determined to make the highest quality and most nutrient-rich products in the market. That meant saying goodbye to the nopales that didn’t make the cut and only concentrating on the best.



We wanted to make nopales and their health benefits available to all. Using fresh nopales meant having to control the supply chain and having cool, chilly storage facilities. After some important lessons, aka failures, the idea of making it into a powder popped in our heads. If we can keep cactus’ medicinal properties after making it a powder, the whole world can benefit from this miraculous plant. So we got to work on developing a novel process to turn nopal cactus into a powder. After testing it, the results shook us: not only did the powder not lose nutrition, but actually concentrated it!



This is how Kactas was born!

Cactus Plants
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